Our firm represents businesses in relation to business contracts. This representation can take a variety of forms:

  • Template Contracts: Often, our business clients need a “template” contract. For example, a businesses may need a standard business agreement for their customers that they use repeatedly and only change certain terms such as the names, the rate billed or perhaps an attached Statement of Work.
  • Unique Contracts: In addition to working with businesses to create usable template agreements, we also draft contracts for our business clients to use in relation to a specific transaction with a key customer or a vendor.
  • Third Party Contracts:  Our work with business clients includes review and legal analysis in relation to contracts given to them by third parties. Business owners may ask “Is there anything I need to be aware of it before I sign this agreement? Is there anything that, perhaps, I should negotiate?” We are happy to address these questions.
  • Review of Existing Contracts: Sometimes, disputes arise between contractual parties regarding to how to interpret a contract. We review the contracts as a whole to fully understand the transaction, the clauses in dispute, and advise our business clients on the strength of their position as to how the contract applies to a particular situation.

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I had an extremely positive experience working with Stacey. I’ve worked with her in multiple situations now and I would say in all of those situations it’s been very positive and I’ve always left feeling like I had my needs met in every way."

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