News from the Desk: July 2021

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Happy summer! With last month’s startling heat wave, as you can see Roger has been delighted that his “Mom” recently installed an air conditioning system!  

Summer is a time to recharge after a long winter, but it’s also a time to prepare. We’ve been studying the multitude of recent legislative changes made to the Revised Code of Washington, most of which will go into effect next year. As you can see from Stacey’s blog post below, the volume of changes made by the Washington legislature to our estate, probate and guardianship laws this year is quite remarkable. It’s nice to see that clarifying and improving Washington’s estate-related laws has remained a legislative priority, despite the pressures created by the pandemic.

Recent Updates from Our Blog

duty to act - Wills

Where There’s a Will; There’s a Duty to Act

Your partner has a very old will. Although you assumed there was plenty of time to update it, your partner suddenly died without adding you as a beneficiary. Can you just pretend that old will doesn’t exist, since you know she wanted you to have everything anyway? As you can probably guess, the answer is no. Read more from Stacey as to why that’s the case.

Custody of electronic wills

Who Qualifies as a Qualified Custodian of an Electronic Will?

Last month, Sherry discussed the new Washington law going into effect in 2022 that allows for the creation of electronic wills. But who is or isn’t considered a qualified custodian of that will? Read more from Sherry–you might be surprised!

Estate Planning Changes in Washington 2021

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Changes in RCW Chapter 11

Our Washington legislature was quite busy this session! Stacey summarizes some of the recent changes to Washington’s estate planning, probate and guardianship laws in her latest post.

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