News from the Desk: July 2019

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Last month, I was proud to publish a piece in the American Bar Association’s GPSolo eReport*, in which I discussed the critical importance of doing the one thing that most entrepreneurs, particularly in the legal industry, consider to be an unachievable luxury: taking a long vacation. With planning, realism, and a bit of self care, attorneys like myself and all other small business owners can benefit greatly from a lengthy vacation every once in a while. I had fun writing about my January escape to Australia, and I provide some ideas for other business owners to use when they need to take some time off to explore the world and recharge. Read more tips for vacation planning here.

How will your LLC be governed? My recent piece published on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2019 Washington Small Business Fair Blog covers the importance of taking charge, and proactively working with counsel to develop an Operating Agreement that works for your business. I’ll be presenting a seminar on “Business Law Essentials” at the SBA’s BizFair in September. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is an amazing, informative and free event to attend! I’ll be there for my 16th year…time flies when you’re working hard and having fun.

*Please note: only ABA members can see this article on the ABA website.

In other news, Sherry and her family recently traveled to San Diego to visit the zoo, eat some yummy fish tacos, and play on the beach! Likewise, we hope that you are enjoying a fabulous time this summer.

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