News from the Desk: December, 2022

By December 13, 2022 April 13th, 2023 No Comments

Happy holidays! 

The hustle and bustle of our virtual office this month matches that of the holiday season. 

Once again, I will be moderating two days of the Best of CLE for the Washington State Bar Association. We have some fascinating continuing legal education topics this year including a dive into cryptocurrency and digital assets, a discussion of police accountability and, of course, an ethics refresher. If you are an attorney, please click here for more information.

Then I am headed down under for the month of January. Along with visiting friends residing in Sydney and Tasmania, I’m excited to attend the 2023 Australian Open in Melbourne. 

As we close out the year, we’d like to thank all of you – our clients for trusting us with your estate planning, estate administration and business needs, and everyone else who provides support and reads this newsletter every month!

As always, I would love to hear your questions and comments. If you have any questions about our firm and the work we do, please contact us or visit our website.  

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