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“Look Before Leaping into Solo Practice”, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

As one Seattle attorney told me, “I took a job at [Firm X] with the belief that I would be able to originate my own clients, which [didn’t] pan out due to conflicts of interest. Meanwhile, an old colleague urged me to simply go solo. I recall talking to him on the phone while looking 27 stories down to the

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“A Fresh Look at Those Old Amendments,” KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg & Gene Barton

The Bill of Rights serves as the underpinning for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Who is more deserving of these rights than us, the lawyers? We work hard, we incurred student loans and we had to take a bar exam. Now, it’s our turn to enjoy the freedoms handed to us, on a silver platter, by a

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“Lawyer Chic: In It To Win It”, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

Professional, crisp, tailored, stylish but not flashy, attractive but not sexual, demonstrating confidence but not cockiness. Many lawyers, when getting dressed in the morning before a significant meeting or court appearance, take a breath, look in the mirror and wonder if they’ve achieved the best look possible for the day ahead. Confidence is often based, in part, on both how

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“Energize Me: Bring Your ‘A’ Game Every Day”, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

Energy is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary, in part, as, “The capacity for work or vigorous activity; vigor; power.” When you think of your days in the office, do the terms “vigor” and “power” come to mind for you? How can you increase your energy level, bringing those qualities into your practice? 1. Wake Up Rested. According to Mayo

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“A Lifetime of Changes – Practicing Law in 2008″, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

As French classical author Francois de la Rochefoucauld said, “The only thing constant in life is change.” That statement, first coined in the 1600s, continues to ring true in 2008. As I enjoy my 20th year of practicing law, I look back in amazement over the changes I have witnessed. Often, I wonder if the younger attorneys truly understand and

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“Vacation – All I Ever Wanted”, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

According to The Go-Go’s 1982 song “Vacation,” taking a vacation could help you heal from a breakup. In 2008, we know more about the value of vacations. According to Barbara Reinhold, a contributing editor of, not taking vacation is a “little like sleep deprivation, according to physicians and psychotherapists.” “Just as lack of sleep impedes your ability to think

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“The New Cell Phone Law: Don’t ‘Lawyer’ and Drive”, KC Bar Bulletin, by Stacey Romberg

It’s time to fess up. In a time crunch, I have driven my car while returning calls from clients and other attorneys, holding the cell phone to my ear. Let’s be honest: How many of you attorneys have done the same? Pursuant to Washington’s new cell phone law,1 which became effective on July 1, I could have received a $124

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