Business Law

Our business law attorneys represent a variety of business entities including:

We serve as general counsel for our clients, providing trusted “on call” resources on an on-going basis. Our business law services includes:

  • Forming and properly maintaining business entities to help protect business owners individual liability and avoid disputes with their business partners down the road.
  • Creating a variety of business agreements for our clients, including “template” contracts for clients to use routinely as part of their on-going business operations.
  • Reviewing and providing advice on contracts presented to our clients for signature.
  • Reviewing and negotiating commercial leases.  The fine print contained in a commercial lease can make a big difference!  It’s a safe bet that your landlord has hired a business attorney to draft your lease, which contains numerous clauses completely favoring the landlord.  You need to understand the implications of those clauses, and also have some negotiating power!  Hiring an attorney to assist you with a lease is a smart and important step for any business owner.

Stacey both writes and speaks on Business Law. If you’d like to learn more you can check out the Publications and Presentations and Radio pages.