Estate Planning Video #3

Estate Planning Video Part 1
Why do you need a Will and what happens if you don’t have one

Estate Planning Video Part 2
Why use an Attorney?  Intestate Succession and when to revise your Will

Estate Planning Video Part 3
Considerations for Gay and straight unmarried couples, single and divorced people

In these videos, Debbie Whitlock of Sound Financial Partners, Inc. interviews Stacey on Wills and Estate Planning. These videos were produced in conjunction with an eWoman Network seminar with Stacey and Debbie on January 21, 2010 in Seattle, Washington:

  • Estate Planning Part 3
  • 5 minutes 44 seconds
  • What are the special estate planning considerations for unmarried heterosexual couples?
  • Why should unmarried gay and straight couples have domestic partnership agreements?
  • What are some special estate planning considerations if you are single or newly divorced?
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