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Estate Planning and Probate Speaking Engagements (Past)

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Stacey frequently speaks on business law, estate planning, and probate, including continuing legal education courses for attorneys. Her previous speaking engagements include:

Recorded interview on on The Good Enough Parenting Show with Margit Crane and Barbara Dab. Broadcast October 2013. What parents need to know about estates and wills. Real-Life Solutions for Real-Life Parents.

Recorded interview on 1300 KKOL am – Northwest Real Estate Connections with Patricia Wangsness.  Broadcast October 2013
Subject: Property Rights and Estate Planning Issues

Speaker with Debbie Whitlock to the parents of the Northwest Chinese School on estate planning. In particular, they guide parents in taking the initial steps to take care of their families, in a comprehensive, holistic sense, in the event of an unexpected death.  February 9, 2013.

Speaker on estate planning and probate to Seattle’s northwest neighborhoods’ PEPS (Program for Early Parenting Support) group.  February 1, 2013.

Speaker with author Marcia Brixey and other leading women’s financial experts at the Money Wi$e Women Conference at North Seattle Community College. The conference is designed to give women valuable information to take charge of their financial destiny. Stacey discussed estate planning issues.  January 19, 2013.

TEDRA: A Panacea for Curing Trust & Estate Ailments. Speaker with Richard Furman.  Presented at the 57th Annual WSBA Estate Planning Conference.  Is Mom’s irrevocable trust now unnecessary and cumbersome? Are siblings at war over the Inventory, estate expenditures and PR fees? Welcome to TEDRA – the cure for what ails you.  November 2, 2012.

Speaker: With Debbie Whitlock of Sound Financial Partners and host of the Femme Finance radio program on the CBS Radio Network.  Their topic was Family Financial Planning, with a focus on estate planning to the Parents Club of Holy Rosary School in West Seattle on February 9, 2012.   Ballard PEPS groups on July 23, 2012

Speaker:  “Your Family – Your Business – Your Legacy: Dying with Clarity in a Culture of Denial.” Stacey Romberg and Debbie Whitlock at Seattle Women Business Owners on January 17, 2012.  At Mill Creek Women in Business on  May 19,2010. Presented at eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Luncheon, January 21, 2010.  Presented to Starbucks Partners on June 17, 2010. Topics covered:

  • business succession for the small business owner
  • estate planning for traditional and non-traditional families
  • insurance issues including life insurance
  • key person insurance and insuring buy-sell arrangements
  • defining your legacy

Radio presentation on the new federal tax bill passed in December 2010.  Stacey Romberg interviewed by Debbie Whitlock. KKNW 1150 am January 2011.   Listen to this presentation on TR 2-10

Radio presentation about Estate Planning with Stacey Romberg interviewed by Debbie Whitlock. KKNW 1150 am January 8, 2010. Listen to this Estate Planning presentation

Speaker: Your Family – Your Business – Your Legacy: Dying with Clarity in a Culture of Denial. Stacey Romberg and Debbie Whitlock present at eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Luncheon, January 21, 2010

Speaker: “Estate Planning by the Solo/Small Firm Practitioner Revisited – Follow up and Updated Recommendations.” 54th Annual Estate Planning Seminar – Estate Planning Council of Seattle and the Washington State Bar Association – Washington State Convention and Trade Center.  Co-presented with Lori K. Rath, attorney.  October 1-2, 2009.

Speaker: “Business Succession,” through WNET (Woman’s Network for Entrepreneurial Training).  Sponsored by U.S. Small Business Administration at Merrill Lynch, Bellevue, WA.  Presented by Stacey and Dena Levine.  October 2, 2009.

Speaker: Mixing Money and Values. Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association. September 2008

Speaker: SBA Biz Fair 2008, Renton Technical College. September 2008

Speaker: “Developing an Estate Planning Practice in the Solo/Small Firm Environment.” Washington State Bar Association’s 3rd Annual Solo and Small  Firm Conference, July 2008

Speaker: Pet Trusts and Caring for Animals in Estate Planning, Washington State Bar Association’s Animal Law Conference, April 2008

Speaker: Washington State Bar Association’s 52nd Annual Estate Planning Seminar, October 2, 2007

Panelist: Careers in Estate Planning. Seattle University School of Law. October 27, 2005.

Speaker: Estate Planning. People’s Law School. April 23, 2003.

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