News from the Desk: September 2021

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Fall is upon us. I hope you are all hanging in there and staying safe in these still-challenging times.

Happy Anniversary to us! September 8 marked our firm’s 22nd business anniversary. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

I also note that yesterday, September 13, was National Pet Memorial Day. You can include your pets in your estate planning, from a simple section in your will about who should care for them upon your passing to a robust pet trust. Good estate planning encompasses creating a support system for your beloved pets in terms of their financial needs for food and veterinary care, as well as their emotional needs for comfort and protection.

Sherry’s much-loved cats, Cascade and Chinook, enjoy their role as helpful members of our office team!

We have a page dedicated to estate planning for pets on our website:, which includes links to blog posts and articles I have written and been quoted in addressing pets in an estate planning context. Pets are family! Let us help you ensure they’re treated that way if you’re no longer around to care for them.

Recent Updates from Our Blog

The Taxman 
estate planning and taxes

From the Beatles iconic tune “The Taxman” to the estate of Michael Jackson’s recent tax court victory, celebrities stand ready to fight when it comes to estate tax issues. Read more from Stacey about how the Jackson case might impact your own estate planning.

Free Britney – Part 2
compensation for conservatorship

Speaking of celebrities, Stacey follows up on Sherry’s recent blog post with another update on Britney Spears’s conservatorship woes.

Making Sure the Kids are All Right
estate planning with kids

As all parents know, even your best laid plans can instantly fall to the wayside when kids are involved. Which means you need a backup plan. It’s also important to have a plan for who will take care of your children in the unlikely–but possible–event something happens to you. Read more from Sherry on why now may be a good time to update or create guardianship plans for your children.

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