News from the Desk: October 2020

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Fall is upon us! Despite (or maybe because of) the strangeness of this year, we hope you all enjoy an extra spooky and fun Halloween.
Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts and other time commitments, I won’t be able to present at this year’s virtual BizFair being held on November 10. I greatly enjoy meeting entrepreneurs, and look forward to participating next year. If you’d like to attend this great event, please click here.
Speaking of entrepreneurs, although it may seem counterintuitive, this might be a great time to start a business – particularly a business focusing on new economic trends related to COVID, such as home fitness, that will likely continue even after the pandemic is behind us. Have you been thinking about a new business idea? If so, please contact us!
We updated our website a few months ago, and have been adding helpful information on an ongoing basis. Our updated probate page features a thoughtful testimonial from a client who was a beneficiary of an estate. Click here to learn more about our work in probate and estate administration.
Finally, I took our office mascot Roger for his annual vet appointment recently, and was gently informed he’s a “tad plump.” Apparently it’s not just us humans who are stress-eating due to COVID-19!

As always, I would love to hear your questions and comments. If you have any questions about our firm and the work we do, please contact us or visit our recently updated website.  

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