News from the Desk: October 2019

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Happy October! I hope you’re enjoying some lovely fall days, and looking forward to a spooky Halloween. Our beloved office mascot, Roger, enjoyed every minute of our late summer/early fall weather – as you can see below! Halloween is not Roger’s favorite holiday, but he will spend it safely indoors eating extra chicken treats.

On September 21st, Sherry enjoyed excellent conversation (and an excellent vegetarian fritatta!) while attending the AWARE fall brunch. AWARE (Association of Women Attorneys with Real Experience) hosts social events, conferences and retreats to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer and group mentoring, networking and leadership development in a wide range of areas affecting the professional and personal lives of women attorneys.

Also on September 21st, I enjoyed speaking on Business Law Essentials at the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Biz Fair. Biz Fair is a fantastic and free resource for both new and seasoned business owners!

On October 18th, I’m excited to be recording an episode for this informative podcast! Alex Collins and Ryan Burklo, of Quantified Financial Partners, and I will be discussing some basic aspects of estate planning. They hope to have me on their podcast periodically, so stay tuned for more podcasting from me! The link to this episode should be in next month’s newsletter.

Many of our team members will be attending the Thirteenth Annual MAMA Seattle Annual Banquet on October 23rd. MAMA Seattle is an organization designed to empower attorney mothers and encourage professional success. We’re proud to support Sherry, who is a Board member of MAMA Seattle and the co-Director of the banquet! The Banquet will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle. The speaker will be Michele E. Storms, the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington. We hope to see you there!

Recent Updates from our Blog

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Once you have an estate plan in place, you should congratulate yourself! You’ve taken an important step in “adulting” by making sure your assets are distributed pursuant to your wishes. However, sadly, you cannot rest on your laurels.

Planning for The Future When You Have a Disabled Child

If a parent wants to be assured that money intended to benefit a disabled child will actually be preserved and used for the benefit of that child,  a special needs trust may be a good option. A special needs trust provides more certainty than leaving an estate distribution to someone with the expectation that the beneficiary will then use the funds to care for the disabled person.

What Is a Community Property Agreement?

Washington is a community property state. It is one of nine (the others are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada,

New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin). Married couples who live in one of these community property states often, incorrectly, assume that everything they own is community property.

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