News from the Desk: June 2019

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One of our favorite months of the year has finally begun! We can’t wait to soak up the sun this summer and get down to business on some exciting new projects and presentations coming up this month.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be presenting on “Social Media in Your Law Practice” with WSBA Professional Responsibility Counsel Jeanne Marie Clavere at the East King County Bar Association meeting on June 27! Jeanne Marie and I will explore the ethical implications of attorneys’ use of social media, including:

  • An overview of the applicable ethical rules and Advisory Opinions
  • An update of the latest trends regarding attorneys’ use of social media
  • Newsworthy events involving attorneys who failed to think before they posted
  • Google Search Misdirection
  • Hypotheticals…and more!

On June 4, Sherry served as a moderator for a luncheon panel entitled “An Inside Look at Being In-House” for the Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle, or “MAMA Seattle”. The panelists spoke on serving as in-house corporate counsel and included notable attorneys: Donna Cochener, Deputy General Counsel at HomeStreet Bank; Neeta Saran, in-house Attorney at Microsoft; and Meghan Silver, Corporate Counsel at Brooks Sports. Sherry proudly serves as a Board member of MAMA Seattle.

When our paralegal Andrea isn’t working with the team on estate planning or with small businesses on maintaining their entities, she’s exploring new continents and corners of the world! These amazing photos are from Andrea’s recent trip to Chobe National Park and Kwara Reserve in Botswana – look at how close she was able to get to those lions!

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Photo credit: Andrea Logan

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