News from the Desk: January 2021

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Happy New Year! 2020 is now behind us. I hope that 2021 brings you success, happiness, health, and promise!
I enjoyed serving as the “Master of Ceremonies” for the Washington State Bar Association’s (WSBA) Best of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) virtual seminar on December 16 and 17. I donned my sparkly New Year’s hat and walked my colleagues through some of the best CLE presentations of last year.
Business attorneys can face a variety of ethical conflicts of interest. For example, if an attorney represents a limited liability company, can that same attorney also represent one of the owners individually? Or, what happens when the owners begin to argue amongst themselves? Is it ethical for the attorney representing the business to get involved?  Sherry will tackle these types of conflicts of interest issues in her January 12 presentation at a WSBA CLE virtual seminar entitled “Trends in Representing the Business Client“. Sherry will focus on ethical issues in representing business clients and discuss the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct (RPCs) for attorneys in relation to representing businesses.

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“Very few healthy individuals in their 40s think they will imminently pass away from smoke inhalation, COVID-19, or anything else. But it does happen. And regardless of whether someone’s estate is worth $840 million or $84,000 – an estate is an estate. Without an estate plan in place, the decedent’s assets will be distributed via the laws of intestate succession regardless of the decedent’s wishes to the contrary.” Let us help you start 2021 by putting an estate plan in place!

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