News from the Desk: February 2021

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February is always an interesting month in the Northwest. Spring buds are starting to push up from the chilly ground. The weather can be clear and sunny one day, and snow flurries can start falling the next. I hope you are staying healthy and warm as we head towards spring!

On January 12, Sherry presented a Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) virtual continuing legal education (CLE) seminar entitled “Trends in Representing the Business Client.” In addition to discussing ethical considerations for business attorneys, Sherry attended interesting sessions about commercial leasing, business succession planning, and forming a business entity in Washington.

Both Sherry and I will be co-presenting virtually with Jeanne Marie Clavere as a part of the WSBA’s Washington Law & Practice Refresher CLE on March 25. If an attorney is diligently working on a client’s file, is it ethically okay for her discuss that on Facebook if she doesn’t mention the client’s name? Stacey will be addressing questions of this nature in her presentation “Social Media & Your Law Practice.”  In Sherry’s presentation entitled “Professional Responsibility and Client Communications,” she will explain how legal ethics impact attorney communications with clients. She’ll also outline some helpful strategies for effective client communication and improving efficiency.

On February 18, our firm will be celebrating the 12th birthday of our beloved Office Mascot, Roger! As our office’s computer support guru aptly stated, “For cats, 12 is the new 5!” Roger looks forward to taking a cozy nap on his cat heating pad and perhaps scoring some extra chicken treats on his special day. 

As always, I would love to hear your questions and comments. If you have any questions about our firm and the work we do, please contact us or visit our website.  

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