News from the Desk: December 2020

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Happy holidays! Regardless of how you’re celebrating during this challenging year, I hope you enjoy a healthy, joyous and peaceful holiday.

I’m preparing to serve as the “Master of Ceremonies” for the Washington State Bar Association’s Best of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) virtual seminar on December 16 and 17. The Best of CLE program consists of various 2020 programs that are particularly notable. One presentation I found especially interesting is an overview of the rules governing how attorneys manage their trust accounts, which generally consist of unearned client funds. A client’s trust balance is often a source of confusion for clients in the billing process. This CLE, aptly entitled “Other People’s Money,” highlights that the trust accounting rules can trip up attorneys too! And, in a nod to the COVID-era, another 2020 program in the CLE focuses on Zoom training including a discussion of privacy concerns while using the ubiquitous virtual presentation platform.

We thought you might enjoy a photo of one of our firm family’s funny felines. This is a photo of Bowie, one of Erin’s kittens, making sure a scanning project goes smoothly. Kitten hijinks are definitely a perk of working virtually from our home offices!

As always, I would love to hear your questions and comments. If you have any questions about our firm and the work we do, please contact us or visit our website.

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